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The Street King (A Silver City Tale)
R. K. Lewis

The Street King is a humorous short story, set in a fictionalised version of Aberdeen (a city in Scotland, UK), which combines elements of fantasy, Arthurian legend, satire, surrealism and general good-natured tomfoolery. 

Arthur - Arty to his friends - is a man of the street. It's his home; it's his companion; it's his source of sustenance; it's his supplier of cheap strong lager. Unfortunately, the citizens of Aberdeen generally find him a bit of a nuisance, getting under their feet and in their way when they're trying to go about their ordinary lives.

But Arthur is a man with a rare gift. He has the ability to see things that few others can even dare to imagine. And when he's ordered to undertake a quest to save mankind from the evil engulfing the city, nay the world, he is brave enough to take up the challenge and embark upon an adventure that takes him right into the heart of darkness where demons, ghouls and dragons await.

Author warning: Suitable for all ages (if you don't mind the odd rude word), but readers are strongly advised to try the sample before buying. Some of the language used is colloquial Scottish and although a glossary of some phrases has been provided, some readers may find the text difficult.

Well, I think it looks deliciously different, and I like different! And with 21 reviews across the US and UK and always priced 'less than a latte', I say READ UP! Who likes same-old, same-old anyway? :)

Download The Street King:

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