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On Devil's Brae
Faith Mortimer

Imagine a warm autumn afternoon in a remote village in the Scottish Highlands. Cassandra Potter, fleeing from the memories of two traumatic deaths, goes walking alone On Devil's Brae. 
The wild country is empty, stretching for miles in every direction, it is then she sees him. A dark brooding figure, standing and watching as Cassandra climbs the brae. Apart from a lingering uneasy feeling she ignores the watcher, until the next time and it is then she realises her mistake. Someone wishes her gone from the village - at all costs.

As Winter approaches, Cassandra's life is plunged into danger. Who is threatening her existence and her sanity? Who is the mysterious stranger? An unknown inhabitant of the village of Inverdarroch? Or a person from her clouded past? A violent blizzard cuts the village off from the outside world and Cassie finds herself marooned in a vast sea of white...

Faith is the author of the bestselling Diana Rivers mystery suspense series with hundreds of reviews across the US and UK averaging four-plus stars, so don't miss this new mystery.

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