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Murder, Family Secrets, and a Ghost...

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The Ghost of Ethel Allen...

Although fictional, the idea for The Depot and The Library stemmed from the ghost who haunts a 1930s tavern in Rockledge, Florida.

At the time of Ethel Allen's death, it was on record as one of the most heinous murders in Florida’s history. The murderer had gone through great lengths to conceal the woman’s identity, including smashing out all her teeth, cutting off her fingers, and burning her body. According to witnesses, the woman had been dating someone from power and wealth. However, if you search past a few days, the story all but disappeared. Weeks later, nothing! Think about that! One of the most shocking crimes in Florida’s history in the thirties, and the newspapers drop the story.

Yeahthings that make you say, “Hmmm….”

The Depot and The Library are a make believe account of what could have happened to the beautiful young woman. But since we'll never know for sure, the ghost of Ethel Allen may haunt that restaurant until someone uncovers the truth about her murder. Or, maybe she'll be happy that someone at least recognized her murder and told her story...even if it's only fictional.

If you are interested in reading The Depot and the follow-up novel, The Library, both stories are packaged in one collection. 

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