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We rarely promote non-fiction books on Great Books Great Deals, but since it's Easter, we asked our staff for their favorite books on Science and Religion, books that support evidence of Christianity and Creation, not just ideals.

If you have a favorite, please list it in our comment section.

Happy Easter, friends!
Have you ever thought that the idea of a man rising from the dead is hard to believe?

Dr. Walp says, "Good! Let's talk!"

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Pearcey passionately argues that Christianity is truth about all reality, not just religious truth, and that to keep it privatized is stripping it of the power to challenge and redeem the whole of culture.

"On one level, this book is a lucid, easy-to-understand manual for worldview thinking. But it also breaks new ground in worldview analysis." —World Magazine

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In the Beginning is a carefully explained, easy-to-follow overview of evidence from biology, astronomy, earth science, and the physical sciences that revolutionizes our understanding of the earth's origins.

Sorry... we could only find a hardback edition. But if you enjoy science and religion, it's a must read!

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