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Bargain Boxed Set!

Escape to the Land Down Under, where the sky is bluer, the living is slower, and the 
loving is sweeter.

Dive into this limited-
timeoffer of eight heartwarming feel-good beach romances by bestselling Australian and New Zealand authors. 

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Bestselling Mystery!

When Maxine takes a job 
atLost and Found Investigations, her goal is to gain the concealed license permit and PI skills needed to find the man who attacked her. But when she takes a missing husband case, she stumbles into a game of blackmail and murder.

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Historical Fiction!

After a grizzly attacks Leroy's herd of horses, he heads into the Rockies before the bear kills again. But not before
his Cheyenne ma gives him a warning: The mountain holds secrets, and LeRoy must not be afraid. Unsettled, he sets out, unaware of the dangers he is about to face—to his life but to his heart.

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FREE Bestseller!

Murder, suspense, sex—and some handy household tips in this fun and engaging romantic mystery.

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Bargain Bestseller!

Thrust into life as a bloodthirsty vampire, Amelia’s forbidden love for her mortal enemy will rewrite the lies of her past and alter the path she was created to walk.

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Contemporary Romance!

A car drives over a puddle and muddy water splashes Emily from head to toe. When she sees the car parked at a gas station moments later, she decides to confront the man leaning against it.

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