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FREE Cozy Mystery

Award-winning architect, interior designer, and antiques dealer 
Olivia M. Granville had enough on her hands. She didn’t need a $30,000 antique showing up with a deadly package inside, not to mention having to convince Detective Dreamy that she's innocent.

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Lalla and Pearlie's hotshot deal to become P.I.s starts circling the drain when their new business partner is blown up. Then things really start to get hot.

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Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian 

When the financial collapse of America wipes out life as Carrie knows it, she finds the will to survive with a man determined to hate her.

"A terrific study of character, an exciting adventure and a beginning of a promising series!" In D'tale Magazine

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Paranormal Romance

When Kara Magari uncovers a secret door in the middle of the forest, she discovers (and trips through) a portal to a hidden world full of terrifying things: 
Ourea. She just wants to go home, but the natives have other plans for her.

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FREE Contemporary Romance

Nadine, a hard working career woman meets Ethan, a sexy stripper who performs at a bachelorette party. Short of a date, she hires him to pretend to be her boyfriend at a company event to prove to her boss that she is in a stable relationship. Little does she know how much her life is about to change.

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