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Arthurian Fantasy

"Flawlessly weaving history, legend and imagination" - Vered E for Readers' Favorite.

What happened before the Knights of the Round Table? This is the story of Britain's Dark Ages, filled with adventure and myth.

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Mystery - Thriller

Jaxon Jennings. Cop. Homicide detective. Partner. He always had your back and rarely made mistakes. Until the death of his son. Until the night he couldn’t save him. Until everything he held dear was taken away from him. 

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Romantic Thriller

CIA agent Jonah Slade was used to danger. But when his final hit on a South American drug lord puts his family in danger—a family he never knew he had—the echoes of a past deception 
bring Jonah face-to-face with the consequences of his choices.

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Romantic Comedy

Megan meant to tell her parents about her broken engagement, but six weeks later she finds herself boarding a plane home to her wedding. Having stretched avoidance to its limits, it's time to come clean--a terrifying prospect since her mother is sure to blame her rather than her cheating, emotionally frigid ex. 

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Supernatural Thriller

Lieutenant Asher Benson left Iraq with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and a Purple Heart. His doctors warned that the symptoms would be life altering. They had no idea. As his body healed, the thoughts of those around him began to echo through Ash’s mind, stretching the boundaries of his sanity. 

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Contemporary Romance

Morgan Epps is in love with Clive, her boyfriend of 12 years. Clive is not only her boyfriend, he's also her manager. Every year, Morgan lives in hopes of becoming 
Clive's wife, but Clive is not free to make that choice...

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