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Romantic Thriller

Sparks fly between Hank and Julie as they defend against a hidden enemy and seek out the truth in this deadly game of cat-and-mouse. A coded message brought them together, but its secrets hold the power to tear them apart. 

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Mystery (New Release from an award-winning author)

Lei Texeira goes undercover in The Rocky Horror Show stage play on Maui to try to keep her friend Kali safe from a stalking killer who threatens everyone's safety when he kills the costume lady.

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Contemporary Romance

If you knew you would inevitably hurt the one you love, would you hold them close, or let them go now? Lucas struggles with his decision, but when
tragedy strikes, he realizes life is even more fragile than the Alzheimer’s that haunts his family.

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Romantic Suspense

Kicking off a new series in this sizzling introduction, 
New York Times bestselling author Tina Wainscott returns with a team of tough, fearless heroes who are prepared for just about anything, except the last threat they could ever expect: true love.

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Vigilante Thriller

Would you kill to save lives? A veteran must decide on home soil? An Action-Packed Noir Thriller about a good guy "bent" bad when he's pulled into the underbelly of NYC's crime scene.

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Supernatural Thriller

Dwarves and elves, men
and mages, were-beasts and the undead, clash together in a conflict so vast it will consume them all. 
As dark forces gather to destroy them, these troubled souls will become champions in the struggle for survival.

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