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Mystery, Thriller

Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is hauled out of her FBI training session to lead the hunt for the missing granddaughter of the Secretary of State. Ingrid has only one lead, a few hours, and can't call in the local cops for back-up. 

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Mystery, Romance, Holidays

While Homicide Detective Jill Zannos investigates a murder on Belle Isle, she's being stalked by a former defendant. Her protection detail just happens to be a handsome SWAT Team member, and soon a romance is brewing in the middle of Christmas festivities in Greektown.

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Romance, Holidays

Ivy Bishop intends to spend Christmas holed up in an isolated Montana ranch house with only an abandoned puppy for company. But the more time she spends with the workaholic blue-eyed cowboy next door, the more she realizes her heart isn’t actually broken – yet.

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Christian, Western, Romance

A soldier battles for the soul of a bitter prodigal, while she goes to war for her little girl against leukemia.

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Fantasy, Time Travel, Mystery

An unlikely hero discovers he's not human, but a Time Weaver who can control time. Enter Galadir, where magic thrives and dark forces threaten a valiant kingdom. As the last Time Weaver, Seth is their only hope, if only he can learn to control his powers in time.

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Mystery, Cozy, Romance

Caught up in the murder of her ex, Trudy is having a hard time relaxing and enjoying her promotion to head biographer at Schnellings Publishing House. Not to mention that she's falling head over heels for the subject of her story, the Prince of Wales, the most famous bachelor in the world.

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