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Mystery, Cozy, Romance, Animals

Just as things are coming together for Daisy McDare, a murder strikes her coastal town. At first, she's content to leave the case to the police, but when they arrest her friend, it's up to her to find the real killer. 

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Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Historical

When four strangers open a safe, revealing the truth about their ancestors, they uncover a strange 
truth more deadly and potentially more world-changing than they could have imagined. Now they have to keep their discovery out of the wrong hands.

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Romance, Comedy, New Adult, Cinderella Story

The last thing Jace needs while trying to run a 
business and organize a wedding is bachelorettes trying to sneak their way into his bed. When he meets Ella in the inn's barn, though, she leaves him breathless. Jace knows that he can't let her get away...

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Mystery, Thriller,
Supernatural, Conspiracies

When U.S. Marshal Virgil is murdered and condemned to Hell. His eternal damnation comes to a surprising end when a demon sends him back to Earth. Virgil has a new assignment: stop a serial killer from murdering teenagers. 

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