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FREE Suspense, Thriller, Vigilante Justice

For Michael Sykora, killing started as blind rage. Then it became something he's good at. To most people, Michael is a software designer. To a chosen few, Michael is a hit man whose specialty is eliminating hard-core criminals. 

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Bargain Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Years ago, Savanna's second thoughts about her upcoming wedding to Daniel were too big to be ignored, so she ran away. As the years passed, Daniel's heart turned to ice. Now Savanna must convince the man of her dreams that he'll always be her Prince Charming.

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Bargain Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Thriller

Sarah Baker must face the fact that the man who abducted her years ago is back to finish the job. Only one person can help her: Cole McDonough, a writer, adventurer, and ranch heir who stirs long-dormant feelings in her. But Olivia’s determination to shut out her past may destroy more than her chance at love. It could cost her her life.

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Bargain Romance, Suspense, Paranormal, Fantasy

From the million-bestselling author of the A Shade of Vampire series, comes an enchanting new tale of romance and intrigue...

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FREE Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Humor, Cozy

After human lie detector Charmaine Digby scores a job as the County Coroner's new investigative assistant, the unthinkable happens—a doctor reports the suspicious death of Trudy, a family friend and one of several elderly patients at the hospital whose heart mysteriously stopped.

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