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New Release, Mystery, Supernatural, Cozy

When two brothers try to strip a hippie commune-turned planned community of its eclectic charm, EV Torrence vows to put a stop to their plot. When one brother is murdered, EV becomes the prime suspect, and must pair up with her best friend, anonymous columnist Chloe LaRue, to find the real killer. 

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Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Single parents, sisters Abigail and Marley stick together with their children, dealing with the past in the only way they know how, until an unlikely person guides them on the path to self-discovery, love, and forgiveness.

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Mystery, Romance, Women's Fiction

A car crash robs cyber hacking thief Clarissa O'Connell of her memory and lands her as Agent Erik Landston's Prisoner. In a race to stay ahead of those who'll do anything for what she knows, Clarissa and Erik must dig into her locked memories if they're going to survive. 

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Mystery, Suspense, Cozy, Humor

A wall climbing Apache Ninja and a passel of disreputable suspects will leave Lalla and Pearlie Bains praying for a miracle

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Mystery, Supernatural, Women's Fiction, Humor

After the death of her outspoken mom, Angela Panther discovers she can talk to the dead--and the dead have a lot to say. Reluctant psychic Angela soon learns that sometimes the dead need help from the living, and sometimes the living need help from the dead. Hilarious and bittersweet.

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Mystery, Suspense, Legal Thriller

Can too big to fail get away with murder? Brent Marks had paid his dues as a lawyer, but had finally reached a place in his life where he could take on cases of social importance. What he least expected was for April Marsh's predatory lending case against the big banks for wrongful foreclosure on her parent's home to turn into a murder investigation.

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