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Police Procedurals

Amidst the vast wetlands, suburban sprawl, and tropical heat, the Lee County police department knows what to expect on any given day. But when a serial child predator stakes his claim in the area, there is no knowing when and where he will strike.

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Bargain Mystery, Suspense,
Amateur Sleuth, Cozy

Yom Kippur is a day of reflection and soul searching. But at the home for Jewish Seniors, Vera Gold misses this opportunity to atone for her many sins when she up and dies. Indeed, Vera was a pain in the tuchis, so when her sister claims Vera was poisoned, the question isn’t who would want to kill her—but who wouldn’t? 

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FREE Mystery, Suspense, Spy Thriller, Amateur Sleuth

Meet Darcy Walker: 17 years old, pretty but disheveled, clever but directionless - with an unnatural talent for finding dead bodies. With her misfit brothers by her side, she solves mysteries in her own particular way.

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Bargain Historical Suspense, Western, Romance

Faith is on the run, and although she feels pampered and protected by Luke, the cowboy who helped her on the trail, and his family, she can't risk the consequences of sharing the details of her past--one that's hunting to take her back to the nightmare she's just escaped.

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Bargain Contemporary Romance

Serena MacGregor satisfies her thirst for freedom and adventure on the open seas, as a blackjack dealer on a cruise ship. There, no one knows about her wealthy upbringing, but the mysterious Justin Blade recognizes something different in the elegant blonde. And when he saunters up to her table, he decides to take the biggest gamble of his life.

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FREE Mystery, Suspense, Private Investigator, Cozy

When Valerie Inkerman’s roommate Jerry gets her a waitressing gig at cushy Hamptons party, she has no idea that murder is on the menu.

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