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Into the Vampire City
Phil Tucker

When Selah Brown's father disappears while investigating the new designer drug Blood Dust, she realizes that the only clues as to his whereabouts lie within Miami, the terrifying and controversial walled-off city of vampires.

It's the year 2024, and seven years have passed since the War ended and the vampires were given a city of their own to rule. Charity organizations strive to raise money to pay the Freedom Bonds of those imprisoned within, while celebrities fly into South Beach to dance with the monsters and star in the hottest reality TV shows. The world watches, fascinated, and people begin to wonder: is coexistence possible?   

Yet as Selah's inquiries lead her deeper into the rotten heart of Miami, she begins questioning everything she thought she knew about the vampire city. About the vampires' intentions. About herself. 

For there is more at stake than Selah can possibly imagine - and the secrets she uncovers are so terrible they might start the Vampire War anew.

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