Smart, mature contemporary romance, FACE THE WIND AND FLY @harper_jenny #GreatBookDeal

Face the Wind and Fly
Jenny Harper

Kate Courtenay is a wind farm engineer who finds herself in a tricky position – both at work and at home. After fifteen happy years of marriage, Kate discovers that her charismatic novelist husband is spending more and more of his time with a young fan. 

In despair, Kate throws herself into her work, a controversial wind farm that’s stirring up tempers in the local community. Sparks fly when she goes head to head against the wind farm's most outspoken opponent, local gardener Ibsen Brown – a man with a past of his own. But a scheme for a local community garden brings the sparring-partners together, producing the sort of electricity that threatens to short-circuit the whole system.

With more than sixty reviews across the US and UK averaging five stars, you don’t want to miss this mature, intelligent, descriptive contemporary romance.

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