A story of love and survival, THE RELUCTANT HERO by @JackieWeger is a #99c #GreatBookDeal

The Reluctant Hero
Jackie Weger

Parnell Stillman, ace pilot, is man to the bone in a lackadaisical kind of way. He lives alone because people are not to be trusted--especially women. Flying is his high road until one sleet-filled morning--it isn’t. Mischance forces his plane down in a frozen wilderness. He can survive, but his live cargo is another matter--Rebecca Hollis, an annoying social worker, and five orphans--the most irksome freight he’s ever hauled. 

Heroics is not Parnell's thing, but Rebecca Hollis has other ideas--lots of them! One of which is bound to work… She hopes. She'll do whatever is necessary to insure the survival and rescue of the orphans. 

Don’t miss this compelling, heartwarming story of love and survival by bestselling author Jackie Weger while it's only $0.99. 

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