Murder in the Windy City... PAINTING WITH FIRE by @KB_Jensen is a #GreatBookDeal

Painting With Fire
K.B. Jensen
Murder in the Windy City...
Love without trust...
Reckless justice...
When art and violence collide, the results can be explosive.

Claudia Wilson, a woman down on her luck and living with a stranger, an artist named Tom, discover a body on the street corner, buried in a snow bank. 

While police search for the killer in her building, Claudia becomes obsessed with the murder and the fact that her roommate is not telling her everything about his past and wonders if she should be searching for a new roommate. 

She learns everything she can about the neighbors, as well as Tom, only to make a startling discovery. 

With more than thirty reviews averaging four-plus stars, you don’t want to miss this explosive romantic-suspense novel.

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