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A tightly woven tale of love, obsession, and concealed histories, She Belongs to Me will have you falling in love and wondering if you can trust anyone right up to the last page.

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Joy Talley must face her darkest secret and risk reopening wounds caused by an old flame who rejected her more than twenty years ago. But taking risks brings change, as well as a new, younger man into Joy’s life, making her feel like a teenager again...

"From dark secrets and magic charms to deep
 faith and a touch of romance...Waking Up Joy will enchant you."

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Paradise turns into a nightmare...

Convinced her half-sister was murdered, Byrony Long hires private investigator Tate Madison. But the more secrets they uncover, the higher the danger mounts around them.

"Old-world atmospheric mystery with touching romance"

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Attempting to take down a local drug ring, Lucas Hunter’s cover is blown when he goes to the aid of a beautiful woman during an undercover operation.

"Hot and exciting...A pulse pounding romance."

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