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Two very different women. Two very different circumstances. And yet they have more in common than they realise.

As each is confronted with a life-altering event, they must question everything they believe and hold dear while struggling to thrive – or survive – with the trick that destiny has played...

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Heiress Annie, who has never wanted for anything, flees her wedding and suddenly finds herself homeless, penniless, with only the clothes on her back, a designer wedding gown and diamond tiara. Will Annie find happiness living in a garage apartment, wearing second-hand clothes, working in a diner...

"Charlotte Hughes has a million dollar voice. Her words turn to gold on the page." - Janet Evanovich on High Anxiety

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Sparks fly in this small-town romance when a city girl arrives in Whistle Stop determined to strike a deal that will save her father’s company from bankruptcy. But she hasn’t counted on clashing with a sexy but stubborn cowboy who has no intention of selling his ghost town—or on falling in love…

"Wonderfully Sweet Romance..."

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