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Romantic Cozy

A death in the family brings reporter Jenessa Jones
home to Hidden Valley — but when a body is discovered just outside the town, she’s determined to stay and solve the case. Can she uncover the killer while trying to choose between an old flame and a new love?

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Historical Comedy

Penelope arrives in London with a hopeful heart. The dowager invites her for a season to catch a husband. Unfortunately, Penelope's rustic finesse is as delicate as a fat bear ripping apart a honeycomb. Highwaymen, pickpockets, and a devilishly handsome duke follow.

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Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Dark Tidings tells the story of two medieval down-and-outs who need to learn that mixing too much beer with ancient magic is a recipe for disaster. Throw in an Internet genius and the disaster can only get worse.

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