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Who is killing the top agents? Why are the branches of Homeland Security covering it up? And can the unlikely team of a rogue agent and a Catholic priest track down the killers before they enact their extraordinary retribution?

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Action Fantasy

After Sapphyre learns of her innate magical abilities, she is brought to an epic adventure as she and her companions attempt to reach Sorenthor’s Library, in the hopes of finding answers about Sapphyre's true heritage.

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Suspense Thriller
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Ten years ago, a botched mission ended Nathan McBride’s CIA career. Now he utilizes his unique skill set in the private sector—until the night Frank Ortega, former director of the FBI, calls in a favor.

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Contemporary Romance

Caitlyn falls for Alex, a gorgeous CEO, and needs him to be the solution to everything wrong in her life. Alex needs Caitlyn to be the solution 
to Alzheimer’s. But Alex’s betrayal may cost Caitlyn her chance at love.

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Women Sleuths
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Libby was seven when her mother and sisters were murdered. She survived—and famously testified that her brother was the killer. Years later, a secret society obsessed with notorious crimes locates Libby and pumps her for details.

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Epic Fantasy

A small band of heroes
is assembledbut Badron falls under the sway of the Dae’shan, immortal agents of the dark gods, and unwittingly begins the final campaign that will reduce Malweir to willing servants of evil. The hour of the dark gods return is now at hand.

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